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Why Yorkshire is the best place to get married

Every couple wants the perfect location for their wedding and for many couples that place is Yorkshire. Located in the North East of England, Yorkshire has a rich and breath-taking history to offer within its infamous landscapes filled with stunning castles and churches. The historical architecture dates back to the Roman period as well as the Industrial Revolution which brings in millions of people every year. The architecture alone is one of the best reasons why Yorkshire is the ideal place to wed, particularly if you are looking for a more traditional and opulent wedding.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding and the same can be said for Yorkshire’s legendary Yorkshire puddings. This county is not only recognised worldwide for countless dishes, it also has the largest number of Michelin starred restaurants outside of London. Whether your special day is traditional or more contemporary, you definitely won’t be short on amazing food for your guests.

There is nothing better than creating stunning wedding photos to last a lifetime and the best way to achieve this is with the perfect backdrop. Wherever you are in Yorkshire, this view is almost always guaranteed, from the amazing landscapes across the Three Peaks, the beautiful city skyline or even the National Parks. You may even find a location overlooking the infamous Yorkshire Dales which covers 1800 square kilometres of green, untouched land.

Not only does Yorkshire have beautiful green scenery across the county, it is also home to an amazing coastline. From Whitby to Flamborough there are a multitude of seaside towns that could be the beautiful backdrop to your special day.

Yorkshire is bursting with culture and diversity, so much so that in 2017, one of its most prominent cities, the City of Hull was named UK City of Culture 2017. It is a county full of beautiful art, literature, architecture and rich with history- it is undoubtedly one of the most amazing places to tie the knot.

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