Top Wedding Car Trends of 2018

If you are planning to get married this year it’s likely that you have most of your details figured out by now, just one of the final things to plan is your wedding car! There are so many amazing and beautiful cars available for wedding rentals but it’s important you find the one which suits you and your theme best. Whether you are having a very classically traditional wedding or have a specific theme there will definitely be a vehicle that fits in perfectly. That being said, you may just want to keep up with what is on trend this wedding season of 2018, so, to help you out we have compiled a list of the most popular choices of wedding car hire in Bradford and North England.

  1. Lamborghini

The Lamborghini has and will always be a classic go-to car as what screams ‘special day’ more than a quarter of a million-pound car. Particularly this wedding season, the Lamborghini Aventador has been a popular option with its flawless interior and exterior, it is an obvious choice for a perfect day. It is a symbol of wealth and speed, it has something to appeal to both bride and groom and has become just one of the many flash cars to be featured at weddings this year.

  1. Hummer Limos

Limos have always been seen as a luxury method of transport but with the new ‘Hummer limo’ hitting the wedding scene, the idea of a limo hire in Bradford has been massively upgraded. This is one of the most flashy and unique vehicles available to rent for your wedding. It is bold and big enough to transport the bride, groom and a number of their loved ones.

  1. Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce has always been a very classic and traditional wedding car in the UK. The Phantom continues this tradition merging all the best bits of a traditional wedding car with the new and improved aspects that make it so desirable. Whilst it is a slightly more expensive option, it is effortlessly beautiful and simple exudes class and luxury, letting everyone know that it’s your big day.

  1. Starline Limo Bus

You may have seen the strapline limo bus around as it is arguably one of the most popular mode of transport for most events. This limo has reinvented what it is to travel in luxury, creating a high tech, modern party bus experience for you and your bridal party. It offers so much more than any traditional stretch limo starting with the increased space to move around and stand up, but it doesn’t end there. You will have access to WIFI whilst you enjoy the luxury leather interior, disco lighting, music, a karaoke machine, flat screens with surround sound and more.

  1. Lincoln Town Car Limo

Finally, a notoriously popular limo option this season is and always will be the Lincoln Town Car Limousine. Unlike the traditional stretch limousines, the town car has a more luxurious and traditional aesthetic that speaks to any modern-day bride. Naturally, the ability to transport multiple people with the bride or groom is an advantage but what people most enjoy is the classic leather seating, space and divide from the driver to make it that much more intimate on your special day.

If you are looking to hire a wedding car in the North West and North UK, then Opulence Executive Travel is your Number 1 choice.

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